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I offer psychotherapy in German and English. Psychotherapy describes the treatment of diagnosed mental disorders. Behavioral therapy is one of the methods of psychotherapy recognized by the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (association of statutory health insurance physicians). To be included, a psychotherapy method must meet certain standards and its therapeutic effectiveness must be scientifically proven. In Germany, practising psychotherapy is regulated by law. Psychotherapy can only be practiced by psychological psychotherapists (psychologists with additional psychotherapeutic training and license) or doctors with equivalent additional qualifications.


If it's difficult for you to visit my practice in person regularly, there is also the option of doing online sessions on.


If there is no official indication for psychotherapy (no diagnosis of a mental disorder according to ICD-10), psychological counseling could be an option for you. Here we focus especially on overcoming of current difficulties, upcoming challenges or the desire for personal and professional development.

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